How it works is a marketplace for buying and selling tweets. You can buy and sell all the tweets you want.

Posting on is Absolutely free, we only take $1 of the amount paid to the Publisher only after someone

buys your Service, so you have nothing to loose.

If you have a lot of twitter followers, just log in, create an account/listing and set your price that you charge to tweet an

advertising to your followers.

There is a $1 dollar charged if you want to make your listing a “featured listing” this is due upfront when you post your

job, you can always avoid it by “un -checking” the featured listing check box .

We hold the amount paid to the Publisher and release the money only after the Advertiser’s Ad has been tweeted.

The publisher and the advertiser can each confirm the tweets through internal messaging. The Publisher will post the link for

the advertiser to confirm his/her advertising was tweeted.

The tweets bought through cannot be deleted until after 24 hrs or otherwise stated on the terms of the

Advertiser. is owned and operated by Tambaza Media LLC so all payments from will show on your

statement as Tambaza Media LLC.

We currently use PayPal as our payment Gateway. Other Payment gateways are available on request.

Contact us: For any questions, comments, concerns, problems. You can contact us by sending us an e-mail at: Please also take time to Review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.