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What is retweets for sale? is a Marketplace for Buying and Selling Social Media Advertising.

The way it works is that Social media Marketers with a lot of followers create an account and post the price they want to be paid to tweet/post Ads to their followers.(Amount for Paid promo)

Advertisers buy the service from the Social media marketers and submit the content they want advertised. We hold the funds then release the funds to  the seller (social media marketer),after the seller has finished posting the job to their followers and shown proof. only provides the marketplace for this exchange and charges 20% of amount paid to seller( social media marketer) for this service.We also charge a small listing fee to make sure the ads listed are not bogus ads.


Is  just a Marketplace for People with twitter account?

No, Anyone with any social media account with lots of real followers can use If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Whatsapp, Youtube, Wechat, Snapchat…etc, You can sign up to be a seller.


Do you have to be in the United states to use

No, retweets for sale is available worldwide. You can sign up or buy Ads from any country.


What makes different from other websites?

We operate a real marketplace for buying and selling Social Media advertising with real buyers and sellers. Our sellers signup themselves and set their pricing for paid promo.You can contact the sellers through website messaging and ask questions before you buy a service and also see the account from which they will be posting your Ad.You also get proof after the Ad has been posted.

Other websites mostly have bots or computer programs that imitate humans and wont give you real engagement for your products or services.They automatically say they will tweet or post your ad but you cant see and tell who will be posting or tweeting your Ad.


Can I Advertise anything?

Depends on the type of Ad, check out Ad restrictions listed on our Terms of Use. Everybody must read and accept the terms before signup. If you have doubt about your Ad, feel free to contact us.


I have a Product/Service, How do I Advertise?

Signup and Browse through the sellers accounts on the website and purchase any job that suits you. Through the website internal messaging, send them what you need advertised on their account.


What do I do if I have Purchased a Job but haven’t heard from the seller?

Click on help and support, create a ticket and we will sort it out for you. Some sellers may create a listing and forget about it or maybe forget to check their e-mail. We will try and contact the seller via their signup contacts, if we cant get a hold of them you will get a refund.


How long does the seller have to Advertise my Product/Service on their account?

Seller has to leave the Ad on their account for 24 hrs and provide proof in form of at least 2 time stamped screenshots. One showing when the ad was posted and another at the end of the 24hrs, after that they can delete it if they want. We encourage buyers to be proactive and look at seller account to see if their ad has been posted.


How do I get started if I want to be a Seller?

You have to register and create an account then create your job listing. Here’s an Example step by step how to create a listing.
Set your own price that you would like to be paid to tweet or post an ad on your social media account. You can charge more if you have lots of followers as long they are real followers.


Can I change or adjust my listings/jobs after posting?

Yes, You can see all your activity on your dashboard after you log in and make all changes from there


How do I get paid?

We send payments weekly,  but you can request you pay from your account dashboard if you need it immediately .You have to add you Paypal e-mail, venmo or  CashApp name on your account profile for payments.


What payment options do you have?

We use Paypal, Stripe , CashApp and Venmo where available. If you prefer a different payment method please click help and support and create a ticket and we will consider your options.


What do I do if a Buyer  buys my ad and sends an ad that is restricted for this website?

Do not post or tweet it and report it to us and the buyer will be refunded. If they buyer keeps doing this, they will be banned. Click help and support and report it to us.


How do I Prove that I have Posted a buyers Ad?

All Ads have to be left on your account for 24 hrs. after that through internal messaging send 2 timestamped screenshots showing when you posted the ad and another screenshot showing the end proving that the ad was left for 24 hrs. We need this proof in case the buyer didn’t pay attention to check themselves. If you cant message the buyer, send the proof to admin through the website internal messaging. If you having trouble sending proof, click help and support link at the Bottom of the website and create a support ticket and we will take care of it.


How do I contact you?

Through our Helpdesk at: